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BLOG 2014 October

Discovering Habitat 67

by Robert Michael Poole

An Indian summer in Montreal means a chance to wander and explore on foot, and I couldn’t resist a stop by Moshe Safdie’s Habitat.

BLOG 2014 October

Love in the Shadows – Toronto, Canada #33

by Robert Michael Poole

Safekeeping feelings at the Distillery District, Toronto…

BLOG 2014 September

The Gooderham Building – Toronto, Canada #33

by Robert Michael Poole

Lining up the skylines of 1892 and 2014 on Front Street in downtown Toronto, where the Gooderham Building stands as testament to the era of Flatiron buildings.

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In the Steps of Canada’s Literary Giants at Park Hyatt Toronto

by Robert Michael Poole

It began as a tiny village. Founded as a venture by Joseph Bloore and Willian Botsford Jarvis in 1830, even their entrepreneurial spirit could surely not have imagined that Yorkville, in Toronto’s north, would become the city’s most upscale district.

Home to the first five-star hotel in Canada, it is not the expense of the area that gives it its character though. It is the story of how it became a center for Canadian culture – musical, literary and artistic.