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Robert Michael Poole has written for a wide variety of magazines, newspaper and new media sources such as: AP, CNN, MTV, Interview, the Wall Street Journal, and global inflight travel magazines.

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BLOG 2014 March

Southwark Architecture, London

by Robert Michael Poole

Discovered an upside down shop and building in Southwark, London. Impressive detail.

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What it’s like to live on the most remote island on Earth

by Robert Michael Poole

In a world that is increasingly interconnected, where remote corners have been explored and exploited, this year I found myself yearning for a place that defies the conventions of modern travel, somewhere authentic and, quite literally, far away from it all. So I set out on a journey to the remotest island on Earth.

British Chef Gary Rhodes Shares His Asian Experience

by Robert Michael Poole

In his home country of the UK, Gary Rhodes OBE is known as the “chef’s chef.” Rhodes Across Tokyo at Shangri-La Hotel” brought the chef back to Japan for the first time in 15 years, for a weeklong presentation of modern British cuisine. ARTINFO Japan caught up with him to discuss how Singapore inspired his marriage, eating snakes in Hong Kong, and the one thing that connects British with Japanese cuisine.