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A pop of orange 🍊

A crenellated vision in white set high on a granite knoll with far-reaching views, this is no ordinary palace hotel. This is Devigarh, a glamorous retreat and a refreshing change from the dark claustrophobic interiors of traditional Rajasthani fort-palaces

It’s an hour’s drive east from Udaipur among wheat fields deep in the Aravalli Hills set over the welcoming village of Delwara, known for its ancient Jain temple I posted about earlier.

A symphony in white offset with silver and gold and vivid splashes of peacock green and saffron yellow, the interiors are traditional and charming, it was my first stay in Rajasthan and I felt like a prince in here lost in the labyrinthine walkways.

It’s worth taking a tour with a member of staff to find hidden courtyards and balconies that look out over a landscape little changed since Rajput rulers hunted here 200 years ago.

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India’s Second Chance

This is only my second time to India - I first came as a teenager, my first ever trip, backpacking overland in my student days all the way from England.

That time around I was staying in the cheapest hostels, sleeping with cockroaches, endured the famous Delhi belly 🤮, hit the beaches and explored street markets.

I still loved it all, making it from Mumbai to Goa, Kerala to Bangalore and out to the Andaman Islands!

This time it’s all about Rajasthan and seeing the country from a very different perspective, staying in palaces and forts, and able to appreciate the varied local cuisine. I’ve been able to visit local villages, take camels to the deserts, take legal drugs, and visit extraordinary UNESCO sites.

Plus I’m joined by the wonderful @pranali_lifeisbeautiful

Traveling in such opposite ways showed me the value of both - very different ways to travel but each equally authentic.

Have you ever visited a place twice and had two completely different experiences?
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Taking care of your physical health is much more than just about confidence and looking good.

Over the last six months, inspired by friends including @marcy_yu (thanks!) I completely changed my nutrition and started a regime of daily exercise and gym work.

What I found is that eating healthy, even when it’s tough to make the right choices, transforms your mental well being just as much as physical.

A positive outlook on life, ability to express and share love with others, to support sustainability for our planet, to have more energy and alertness and the see the world in a brighter way are all side effects of better physical health.

What’s about you? Do you exercise? Do you wish you did more? Do you have a regime? Share with me your experiences!

Thanks too to @igorvoitenkofitness for the inspiration!

This stupendous piece of architecture is called Nathmal Ki Haveli, a mansion built by two Muslim jeweler brothers on the order of the then prime minister in 1885.

The brothers started working on the opposite sides of the building which lead to a similar but non identical left and right side.

An amalgamation of Islamic and Rajputana architecture, the attractive façades of the building were designed in the shape of birds, elephants, flowers, bicycles, steam engines and soldiers.

You can also see statues and engravings of cattle, horses and flowers on the walls. It’s one of many in the far northwest city of Jaiselmer.
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Did you know India has immense castles? This is Mehrangarh Fort which holds the pride of place in Jodhpur because of its splendid architecture and long history associated with it.

Considered as one of the most formidable and magnificent forts of Rajasthan, Mehrangarh fort was built by Rao Jodha in the year 1459.

The fort is spread over an area of 5 km and is built on 125m high hill in the outskirts of the blue city of Jodhpur.

There are seven gates, which can be used to enter the #Mehrangarh fort, made by different rulers, and are built in honour of victory over the Bikaner and Jaipur armies.

You can see panoramic view of #Jodhpur city from inside the fort, which seems like a blue carpet laid at the foot of its walls.
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