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Soroca Fort, Moldova 🇲🇩🏰

In the far north of Moldova is Soroca Fort is a very old historic fort which is located in the city of Soroca in the northern part of the Republic of Moldova, overlooking the Dnister River and the border with Ukraine.

Considered to have played an important part of the Moldovan defense system, the fort was constructed in 1499 by the Voivode of Moldavia, Stephen the Great, and completed by his son, the Voivode Petru Rareş.

The current building displays elaborate characteristics of late medieval fortifications. The walls are not built straight but in a curved shape to better resist projectiles, as are the four outer towers.

The entire building has a diameter of 30 meters, and 4 meters for each tower. Each tower has 4 levels, of which the first two lower ones were used for artillery. The walls are 3 meters thick

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Capriana Monastery, Moldova 🇲🇩⛪️

Kicking off my Moldovia series from my road trip around the country at Capriana Monastery, one of the most picturesque Moldavian monasteries, founded in 1429. It is situated 40km north-east of Chisinau.

The biggest monastic library in Moldova is saved here and the interior was being restored while I visited. Actually it was partially ruined during Soviet times and was fully reconstructed in 1989, and opened to visitors since 2008.

Capriana monastery situated in one of the most beautiful forest massifs – in Codru and it is considered to be a cradle of Moldavian written language, music and architecture.

There are three churches on the premises: the Assumption of Madonna – the oldest church, the Saint Nikolas church known for its unique frescos and the Saint George church that was built in a late baroque style.

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The Remotest Place on Earth! 🌎

More drone shots from Tristan da Cunha, the world’s most isolated island where people actually live!

The main goal of my cruise from Argentina via Antartica to South Africa, was to visit this place… a geographic anamoly, lying 1,732 miles west of Cape Town, 3,949 miles east from South America and 2,437 miles south of Saint Helena.

Some 238 people live here, with no airstrip, 5 to 6 days sailing from the nearest land. Visits by passing ships usually number around 4 per year, but no other soul had set foot here since 2019.

Tristan da Cunha is an active volcano and UNESCO site due to its extraordinary wildlife and a small community of humans have been living here since the early 1800s, as isolated as it’s possible to be!

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Drygalski Fjord, South Georgia 🧊

Even on an island where spectacular landscapes are the norm, Drygalski Fjord is an extraordinary place.

Surrounded by enormous peaks on the southern tip of South Georgia, its long tongue of water terminates in magnificent blue glaciers calving straight into the sea, making it a breathtaking place for a ship cruise.

The 8.5 mile (14km) long fjord is named for Eric von Drygalski, leader of the German Antarctic Expedition of 1901-03.

The fjord sits above an important geological faultline – the mountains on the southern side are basalt and lava from underwater volcanic activity, while the northern shore is part of the ancient edge of the Gondwana continent, and some of the oldest rocks in the Southern Ocean.

Glaciers cover the mountains, with the Risting and Jenkins Glaciers providing a truly majestic scene as they slowly pour into the head of the fjord.

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