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Robert Michael Poole has written for a wide variety of magazines, newspaper and new media sources such as: AP, CNN, MTV, Interview, the Wall Street Journal, and global inflight travel magazines.

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798 Art Zone
BLOG 2014 April

Discovering My Wings

by Robert Michael Poole

I discovered the vibrant 798 Art Zone in Beijing in January, between 50-year-old military factory buildings. As well as galleries and cafes I stumbled across a 3-D trick art museum, ideal for those with aspirations to become heavenly creatures!

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Travel mSafiri2019 January

Fine China

by Robert Michael Poole

UNLIKE ITS SISTERS, Shanghai and Beijing, China’s third city doesn’t conjure up the image of an iconic skyline, the Great Wall of China or the Forbidden City; but it does have beautiful architecture, and excellent food that’s famous worldwide. Chinese chefs, many hailing from Guangzhou, were the first modern Chinese to travel around the world.

Fang Hui Chun Tang – Hangzhou, China

by Robert Michael Poole

On Hangzhou’s truly ancient Hefang Street, Fang Hui Chun Tang was founded in 1649 by Fang Qingyi. While most modern Chinese pharmacies have turned to machines for production, Fang Hui Chun Tang continues to make gao fang, an herbal medicine paste, entirely by hand—preserving a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The jelly-like tonic is consumed to boost the immune system.

A Journey through China with Four Seasons, Part Two

by Robert Michael Poole

On a mission to explore China’s diversity, photographer Robert Michael Poole travelled to nine destinations throughout the country. In the first part of his journey, he found a wave of technological and architectural innovation in Beijing and Tianjin, then stepped back in time at West Lake in Hangzhou and the elegant French Quarter in Shanghai.

A Journey through China with Four Seasons, Part One

by Robert Michael Poole

After falling in love with Africa, world traveller and photographer Robert Michael Poole set his sights on China. “I wanted to explore its diversity,” he says, “and better understand what each region had to offer.” Exploring nine destinations across the country, he discovered dynamic cities and remote hideaways made for business, entertainment and relaxation.