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Scoot is the in-flight magazine for Scoot Airlines, a Singapore-based LCC with six planes flying to 12 destinations, across China and Australia, as well as in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Travel 2013 March

Pedallers Paradise

by Robert Michael Poole

TOKYO: A tasty tour of the city

The world’s biggest metropolis is surprisingly one of the easiest cities to navigate by bicycle, and the choice transport of millions of salarymen and students. Just a ring of the bell will part pedestrians on any pavement – ideal for this inner-city street-food tour adapted from Cycle Tokyo, a website aiming to help people to see the city at its best on two wheels.

Travel 2012 December

Natural hot springs around Tokyo

by Robert Michael Poole

When bustling Tokyo becomes bitterly cold and grey in winter, it’s time to head for the hills for some warm water refreshment.

Travel 2012 September

City of the Setting Sun

by Robert Michael Poole

At twilight, Japan’s capital morphs into a neon wrapped playground, with bizarre juxtapositions and an incomparable aura illuminating the streets.

Robert Michael Poole shines the light on 20 must-try Tokyo activities to keep you busy after dark.