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Travel 2021 February

Fancy a Grown-Up Getaway?

by Robert Michael Poole

With the children at home until at least March and cabin fever setting in, The Sunday Telegraph reveals the world's finest adults-only escapes for when we can travel again. Go on - you deserve it!

Of course, we all love children. Especially on holiday. Their happy, sun-tanned faces, Their excited squeals. Their wide-eyed wonder. But… maybe after weeks and weeks of lockdown, the hours and hours of home schooling and the general claustrophobia, we could all do with a break.
A week or two of absence might make our overstretched hearts grow a little fonder. If ever there was a year for an adults-only holiday, this is surely it.

Reportage 2019 September

Business as usual in the Caribbean

by Robert Michael Poole

Step out of bed into a warm turquoise sea

I get wary when a beach in the Caribbean is described as having “pink” sand, yet here I am holding a handful of grains and shell fragments that are without a doubt roseate…

Reportage 2018 October

Which is the perfect Caribbean island for you?

by Robert Michael Poole

From the unspoilt Out Islands of the Bahamas, to the bustling salsa bars of Havana, the Caribbean has a destination to delight everyone.

Here we highlight the best islands appropriate for every taste, pocket and circumstance.

For the Daily Telegraph’s Caribbean guide, my images were used for the cover and inside double-page spread, depicting the junglescapes of the Bahamas at Four Seasons Ocean Club, and inside of the mountainside of Nevis in St Kitts & Nevis.