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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcasting corporation. It provides impartial public service broadcasting in the United Kingdom, while the BBC World Service has provided services since the inauguration of the BBC Empire Service on 19 December 1932, via radio, television and the Internet. The BBC is headquartered at Broadcasting House in London and is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation, as well as the largest broadcaster in the world by employee number, with 23,000.

Travel 2018 May

The Tiny Island with Human-sized Money

by Robert Michael Poole

The Micronesian island of Yap has a famously unusual currency: hundreds of giant discs of rocks scattered all over the island, many of them too heavy to move.

Reportage 2013 October

BBC World Service: World Have Your Say: Bohol Earthquake

by Robert Michael Poole

When the 2013 Bohol earthquake struck on the central island of the Philippines at 8:12 a.m. on October 15, I was riding a motorbike with a local friend right by its epicenter. After I began tweeting images of the immediate aftermath, I was contacted by the BBC to provide on the ground reporting, and images for their stories. The following evening, I joined BBC World Service’s show World Have Your Say as the opening guest in order to explain the feeling of being near the epicenter of the earthquake, and the devastation around me as locals scrambled to find survivors and recover the dead.