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#46 Chengdu Comes Alive at Night

The city of Chengdu in central China is famed most for its spicy food, a signature of Sichuan, the province it acts as capital of. But while the flaming hot pot burns in the deep red of peppers and spices, its also the city at night that glows in the same color, with streets like Jin Li alive in red thanks to lanterns hanging throughout the district.

The buildings of the area are built in Qing Dynasty style, and the narrow streets are separated into food stalls selling delicacies such as rabbit head and chicken feet, a bar street, a relaxing restaurant area around a pool, and a souvenir street where artisans ply there trade, offering performances and crafts.

Chengdu is perhaps China’s most mellow large city, with several districts dedicated to ancient architecture, a district for musicians and instruments, and a walkway alongside the Funan river that bisects the city. It’s here that locals meander, stop in cafes and bars, and couples enjoy the calm of the city on benches under trees overhanging the river. Amongst the many bridges crossing the Funan, the Anshun Bridge is the most famous, and outstanding at night, home to a restaurant and illuminating the surroundings.